Mysterious Forum and 7 rumors – Review

Mysterious Forum and 7 rumors tells the story of these 3 guys that run a mysterious forum club at their school. On this forum people post facts about scary urban legend that, guess what, the protagonists are about to experience themselves.

I am always surprised how eastern developers can come up with a very simple story and get you hooked in a matter of minutes. I think that it is due the perfect mix between slice of life with light comedy and super scary in-your-face horro, that my brain cannot resist. Mysterious Forum absolutely nails this, providing a well written plot about a boy and two girls running this mysterious forum club at their school, and experiencing first hand the creepy stories that are posted on it.

Speaking of arts craft, Mysterious forum features a masterful blend of high quality still graphics, atmospheric music and silences and a plot that manages to surprise and it is guaranteed to get you a couple chills down the spine.

Gameplay is quite simple: you read the story by tapping the screen, and everyone and then you are asked to make a choice than can result in a bad ending or advance you through the plot. Script always keep you on the toes, goes quickly without annoying with wall of texts, and it is fun trying to survive by picking the correct choice based on context and hints provided.

English translation is quite good, at least considering my non-native English. I could follow the story pleasantly, and we desperately need more visual novels translated in English.

While you investigate on the cases, the main plot unfolds and the ending is very satisfying.

Ads are practically non-existent and you are only asked to purchase bonus content at the end of the game, thus resulting in a very immersive experience without distractions. Game is great though, so you may feel inclined to supporting the publisher. A great visual novel that I recommend warmly, you cannot really go wrong here.

+ Great overall quality

+ Non-existent ads or paywall

-The quality of some bad endings is not as consistent


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