Secret access

Here is how to do it. Click here.


OMG, is this a jailbreak?

Nah, you are not tampering with your console firmware or anything. You are just setting the DNS to manual and that’s it. Nothing more than connecting to an Internet Hotspot.

What it a DNS?

I’ll keep it simple. When you type an address (like, the DNS service will translate it into a meaningful IP address. That’s why you can type cool names, without having to remember an absurd sequence of lousy numbers

My Eshop is not working!

This is not a question. Anyway, when you change the DNS you won’t be able to connect to the Eshop (news channel will still work though). To correct this, just change the DNS back to Auto. Also, the Dns will still be saved in your settings, so when you want to browse internet again, all you have to do is to change it back to Manual, without having to type it again. Easy.

Why do i have to do it? Can’t I just browse on my phone?

Yeah, you can. I just like to be able to browse on my Switch sometimes and I wanted to make a website to enjoy on it. Feel free to check this website on any device, including your old Dreamcast! Keep the dream alive!